Gelatin GOST 11293-2017

Gelatin (from latin - gelātus «frozen», «jellied») is a food protein (collagen) of animal origin. It is a solid crushed product of light yellow color, odorless and tasteless, possessing excellent water-holding and gelling abilities.

Gelatin is a universal food product. It has a high gel-forming property and is used as an important binding element in the production of various types of products.

Depending on properties and appointment, JSC MOGELIT offers:
  • Food gelatin:

    • weight gelatin in bags of 25 kilograms

      P-140P-160 P-180 P-200 P-220 P-240 P-260 P-280

    • gelatin packed in bags of 50 grams

      P-140 P-160

    • gelatin «Halal»
  • Application

    JSC MOGELIT sees itself not only as suppliers of products. We constantly estimate the world markets and new tendencies, we conduct researches and development to offer new ideas in use of our gelatin.

    Gelatin from JSC MOGELIT is a modern food product. Due to the unique properties it strongly occupied an economic niche in the market of irreplaceable ingredients for food products.

    Thanks to the universality, gelatin is widely applied as a thickener, foaming agent, stabilizer, etc. in various areas of the industry.

    Scope of application
  • Production

    For gelatin production is used soft collagen-containing raw material derived from cattle skin processing (skins, splitting skin cuttings)

  • Packing

    Weight gelatin food packed into polypropylene bags yellow color on 25 kilograms.

    polypropylene bag

    Packed-up gelatin packed in bags of 50 grams (marks P-140 and P-160), transport packing - box made from corrugated cardboard 5 and 12 kg.

    P-140                                                                          P-160

    bags of 50 grams     07_fasovka-50-g-p160

    For packing food gelatin used only approved materials for food purposes.

  • Transportation

    Gelatin can be transported by all modes of transportation in covered vehicles. It should be stored in a closed storage area with a temperature not higher than 25°С and a relative humidity of not more than 70%. Gelatin should not be stored together with the substances possessing highly hygroscopicity and a strong smell.

    Gelatin can be referred to fire-resistant, explosion-proof substances.

  • Storage

    Stored in dry enclosed spaces at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C and relative humidity not more than 70%. It is not allowed to store gelatin together with substances that are highly hygroscopic and have a strong odor.

    Gelatin is a low-combustible substance, fire and explosion proof.

  • Shelf life

    Food gelatin – 60 months since the manufacturing date.