Production Technology of Gelatin

For gelatin production is used soft collagen-containing raw material derived from cattle skin processing (skins, splitting skin cuttings) which are compulsory conserved with salt or caustic lime to preserve its quality before processing. All raw materials pass through veterinary-sanitary check before entering into the enterprise that guarantees the further production of safe product: food gelatin.

Raw materials entering into the enterprise for gelatin production are separated into types (skins and splitting skin cuttings of cattle separately from skins and splitting skin cuttings of swine) and fallen under depreservation and milling.

Soft raw materials contain significant quantity of collagen but collagen is not pure in the raw materials it is accompanied with other proteins (albumins, globulins, mucins, mucoids, glucoproteins and others) which are «ballast» in gelatin production. For extraction of «ballast» proteins which impair gelatin quality all the raw materials are fallen under preliminary treatment (preparation).


Depending on the type of materials the preliminary treatment (preparation) is made by two different methods: acid - for swine skins and alkaline - for cattle skins.

Production gelatin


Is used for preliminary preparation of soft collagen-containing raw material derived from cattle skins processing. Such method provides for liming of cattle skins in lime solution for 65 days which is constantly renewed. Carefully wash the materials after alkali treatment and neutralize with chlorhydric acid than repeatedly wash for removal of formed salts.
The treatment with solutions of acid and alkaline allows to dissolute «ballast» proteins (albumins, globulins, mucins, mucoids, glucoproteins and others) but at that collagen does not dissolve only its structure becomes loose that further allows to obtain gelatin by dissolving it in water at 50  °C.


Production gelatin

In the process of extraction collagen passes into gelatin. Gelatin extraction process is performed in steamers by fractionation method. For this purpose place the preliminary prepared materials into steamers flooded with hot filtered water of 55 °C - 60 °C and perform the extraction. At that only a part of collagen passes into the solution. That is why extract repeatedly partially extracted materials but at higher temperature. The extraction process is repeated with the gradual rise of temperature from one fraction to the other until all gelatin is not extracted from initial materials. At fraction method it is possible to obtain different gelatin types in one steamer.


Production gelatin


Gelatin solution obtained from extraction is exposed to purification from foreign impurities and fat in separators and then filtered at press filters.


Gelatin broths come into the ultrafiltration plant for preliminary concentrating by the method of membrane filtration. At the plant outlet retentate (concentrated gelatin) and permeate are got i.e. water contains low-molecular organic and mineral substances. The ultrafiltration process allows keeping gelatin quality at low power consumption.

Production gelatin


Purified and concentrated gelatin solution is sterilized at 130 °C provide for maximum biological and bacterial purity of our product. Sterilized gelatin broths are undergone to evaporation in thin-layer evaporating apparatus.


Evaporated broth is set in jellylike condition (gelatinized) by cooling in gelatinization agent and then with the help of depiler jellied gelatin bunches regularly move onto the web of polyzonal belt drier for drying. Gelatin drying is performed with filtered dry air.

Each series of dried gelatin is subject to laboratory control for inspection of physico-chemical, organoleptical and sanitary parameters of gelatin conformance to requirements of Technical Regulations and applicable legislation.


Production gelatin

In order to get the lot of gelatin of programmed quality the dried gelatin series homogeneous in qualitative parameters are milled in milling units, sieved and mixed to achieve the homogeneity of mass. Finished lot of gelatin is packed into bags, parcels, boxes and again subject to laboratory control. It assures a quality and safety of our products.