Our products is made of natural raw materials and meet the high standards set by the government. The tried-and-true technology, contemporary quality management and vast operational experience guarantee the quality and reliability of our products. 

Since 2002, the company has a quality management department. Specialists of the department carry out work:

  • in creation, support of operations and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System of the enterprise;
  • in preparation and participation in performance of an internal audits;
  • in development of measures for improvement in the quality of production and output of products satisfying consumers requirements;
  • in calculation of norms for consumption of raw and other materials in output of products and supervision of compliance therewith;
  • participate in the launch of new products;
  • in production process control;
  • in organization of preparation and carrying out of state registration and certification of the enterprise output product.

JSC «MOGELIT» is furnished with the lattest high-technology equipment and is certified to meet the STB ISO 9001-2015 international standards, also at the enterprise the control system of quality and safety of manufacture and storage of gelatin food on the basis of principles НАССР (the analysis of risks and control of critical points) corresponding to requirements STB 1470-2012 is introduced. Our extensive experience and our high-qualified staff, added to the use of new technologies, guarantee the high quality of our products.

To implement the policy in the field of organizing the health and safety management system in the professional development and production of gelatin, feed precipitate, technical animal fat, the concentrate of connective tissue proteins "BELPRO", the provision of engineering services in the implementation of activities in the field of construction of facilities, the enterprise was certified for compliance with the requirements of STB ISO 45001-2020.

Control over the intake of raw and additional materials, the production process and finished products is carried out by our industrial laboratory according to the directions for technological, microbiological and radiological control. The laboratory has been successfully tested for compliance with the accreditation criteria for test laboratories in the Republic of Belarus and has been accredited for technical competence according to State Standard Of Byelorussia / International Organization on Standardization / International Electrotechnical Commission 17025-2007. Inspection control over the enterprise is executed by the Republican Unitary Enterprise «Mogilev Center of Certification Metrology and Standardization», Establishment of Public Health Services «Mogilev Municipal Center of Hygiene Epidemiology and Public Health» and Veterinary Sanitary Establishment «Mogilev Regional Veterinary Laboratory».

Our long-term experience and qualified personnel, in a combination to application of new technologies, serve as a quality assurance and safety of let-out production.

In September 2014, for food gelatin a Declaration of Compliance is registered, which corresponds to requirements of the Customs Union Technical Regulations TR CU 034/2013 "On safety of meat and meat products", TR CU 021/2011 "On food safety", TR CU 022/2011, was registered for food products. "Food products in a part of their marking", TR CU 029/2012 "Requirements for safety of food additives, flavours and technological aids" (in a part of their application) (registration number of the Declaration of Compliance No. CU BY/112 11.01. TR034 008 00743).