Production raw materials

JSC MOGELIT is interested in the acquisition of indefinite amounts of the protein by-products, left after production at meat- and leather reprocessing enterprises.

To these refer:
  • hide half-finished products
  • hide cuttings and splits
  • heads, feet and other small parts
  • parts of skin, which can’t be used for production of leather and removed in the process of circumscription of raw hides

* Tanned animal skins and all the protein by-products, acquired from chrome tanned leather, are unsuitable for our production.

    We buy auxiliary materials

  • Synthetic hydrochloric acid (technical) (HCI) – GOST 857-95
  • Sulfuric acid (technical) (H2SO4) – GOST 2184-77
  • Solvent petroleum (Nefras C2-80/120) – TYRB 100006485. 148-2002 and GOST 8505-80
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) – GOST 10929-76 and GOST 177-88
  • Liquid sulfur anhydride (technical) (SO2) – GOST 2918-79
  • Technical sulfur (S) – GOST 1227-76 and GOST 127.1-93
  • Soda salt (technical) (Na2CO3) – GOST 5100-85
  • Sodium sulfide (Na2S)

Email: gelatinos@tut.by

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