On account of increasing cases of gelatin forgery we encourage you to buy our products directly from the producer or our official dealers. You have the right to demand original documents.

    We remind that food gelatin production of JSC MOGELIT today is packed into the polypropylene laminated bags of yellow color on 25 kg. The label with trademark, with indication of number of party, date of its production and surely holographic sticker is sewn to each bag.

    From 08.11.2012 the rule of marking, according to which on labels of food gelatin necessarily applying the original protective hologram. From that date all edible gelatin has the holographic sticker on a label confirming an origin. The hologram consists of the visible image of the trademark of JSC MOGELIT, reading the text under one corner in Russian, under another in English, each element becomes visible at a certain corner.

    Упаковка желатина ОАО МОЖЕЛИТ