• Halal Certification

    JSC MOGELIT introduced «Halal» standards.

    On September 13, 2013 JSC MOGELIT has received a certificate confirming the introduction of the company "Halal" standards. Specialists of the company have been trained on the program «Consultant for the production of goods and services Halal standards.».

    JSC MOGELIT offers «Halal» gelatin which production is certified according to requirements of the IHI Alliance standards and the international standards MS 1500:2004, MS 1500:2009.

    Quality indicators of «Halal» gelatin completely correspond to indicators of food gelatin (GOST 11293-89).

    Each consignment of «Halal» gelatin will accompany with the confirming certificate and the sign «Halal» on the labels attached to bags.

    «Halal» certification allows us to confidently guarantee you comply with all of these criteria in practice!