Old factoryThe Enterprise's history is wedded with the history of the country. The building of the plant had been started as early as the years of the first five-year plan and was lasting for the long 8 years. In 1937 the plant began to output the first production such as glue jelly and bone meal. The staff of workers, officers, technical and engineering employees for plant operation numbered almost 200.

В период from 1939 to 1941 it was started the production of dry glue, bone feeding meal, technical bone tallow and nitric waste for fertilization. In spite of greater part of hand work the employees worked at a heightened pace constantly exceeding the production targets.

Over a period of the Great Patriotic War the plant did not function, invaders failed to set the production again.

Since 1944 the plant reconstruction had been started together with simultaneous production output. The product line was expanded. The production of liquid soap, horn rakes and combs, domino, buttons as well as hide glue was mastered.

In 1947 the drying-mill floor was put into operation. The output of combined mineral organic fertilizer was started. In spite of severity of postwar years the plant staff overcame all the difficulties bravely.

Till 1951 the reconstruction works had been lasted xtraction floor was put into operation and railed broad-gauge line started to function. In the same year with efforts of plant's engineers and Research and Development Establishment's employees it was set the output of bone glue which had become the main product of the plant for many years instead of labor-intensive processes of block glue production.

Old factoryTill 1972 there was a constant growth in output of products but essential modifications related to technical upgrading did not happen. The new building of plant management was put in commission. Various bonuses for staff labor success and wins in socialist competitions were awarded.

1973-1975. The building of gelatin floor was constructed with intense speed and gelatin processing technique was mastered parallel. There were assembled vacuum apparatus, 2 driers, fleshing cut. A crashing mill was installed in the glue floor, lime yard was reconstructed. Ammoniac compressor unit, external sewer network and treatment facilities were put into operation.

Old factoryIn the period from 1975 to 1989 the production of food gelatin was mastered completely. 2 filling machines for gelatin packing in retail packages were put into operation. In 1984 a gelatinization floor and dryer of grained bone glue were put into operation, the experimental production of household soap was started. Raw material automated storehouse was built and put in commission.

In 2000 the enterprise obtained a permit for free gelatin import into European Community Countries as per Directive 2001/556/EC.

In 2002 the reconstruction of gelatin production with replacement of all technological equipment was finished. New line for gelatin production was made using progressive technological and technical achievements. The line is completely made of stainless steel. The modernization had an essential influence on improvementOld factory of gelatin qualitative characteristics, increase of annual volume products output and gave the possibility to expand the product line of produced gelatin.

5 May 2009 the plant was officially renamed in Open Joint-Stock Company «MOGELIT».

Since August 2011, the process of production of bone adhesive and bone semi-finished products has been terminated. As a result, the workforce with harmful working conditions was cut and the environmental situation at the enterprise was improved.

On September 13, 2013 JSC «MOGELIT» has received a certificate confirming the introduction of the company "Halal" standards. Specialists of the company have been trained on the program «Consultant for the production of goods and services Halal standards.».

JSC «MOGELIT» is one of the largest and most well-known gelatin producers at the CIS territory and the only producer in the Eurasian Economic Union. At present, JSC «MOGELIT» is a respected and successful brand, the main features of which are high quality products produced by strict standards, diversity of goods and building long-term mutually beneficial relations with partners. Production of unique products is performed on high production technological equipment, which is continually upgraded at the enterprise.